3 Reasons Your Workplace Needs a Booth

Open plan workspaces are becoming the expected standard in offices across the globe. Increased collaboration, socialisation, productivity and employee satisfaction can be tied to the layout of an office space. So what does a booth offer to an open plan workspace already full of standard workstations?

For starters, flexibility. Booths are easy to move and can change with your requirements. As your business evolves, so too will your needs for your space, so why choose furnishings that aren’t going to be flexible?

Booths can be used flexibly by workers too. Used for private and productive work, or as a meeting place so as not to distract coworkers in other spaces. Okamura’s Muffle Lounge even works as a fantastic relaxation zone, away from the hustle of a busy office.

A big drawback of the return to office is the noise. The office is a great place to socialise, but when you need to put your undivided attention into a task, chatter can be a big distraction. Booths offer that element of privacy that you cannot otherwise find in an open plan workspace. Most of UCI’s booth range have sound-proof insulation, so you can work well without distraction.

Worried your devices will run out of juice? Don’t want to feel tucked into a dark corner? Lucky for you, built in lighting, USB-ports and power points can be included in our range of booths. You won’t want to return to your desk!

​Ready to discover UCI’s range of booth solutions? Get in touch with a UCI advisor today, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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