We’re imagining a better future and putting steps in place to reach it.

A story built on a legacy of progress.

We manufacture, source, and supply products that do good for everyone. With a long history in the industry, we’ve learned what it means to do better in every iteration of our offering. To imagine a better future and put steps in place to reach it. We’re on a journey to be better—in everything we do.

We’ve been promoting innovative products since 1972.

Times have changed. Things used to be simpler. Originally, we started by supplying and delivering office furniture and workstations. It served us well.

We’ve seen the industry change monumentally throughout our lifetime. As both times and attitudes have changed, so too have our products. And so have we.

We’ve changed our focus, and now partner with a stable of new and exciting brands who share our views and values.

We’re looking to the future.

It all starts with people.

This is more than just furniture. It’s about promoting wellbeing, and connecting with other human beings. And it all begins with people. We’re a team of thinkers, makers, and stubborn innovators. People who are passionate, who look at things differently, and aren’t afraid to challenge how our processes work.


Each one of us has a part to play.

From inception to delivery, every one of our team works to create spaces that your people love to be in. From inception, to implementation, delivery, and beyond, we’re working together to purposefully develop intelligent new solutions, and partner with you to deliver quality spaces.

Change starts with us.

We recognise that manufacturing can be wasteful. So we’re taking responsibility of the broader problem, and providing products with the end of life in mind.

Our products are made with a focus on sustainability principles, with an aim to create less waste in their manufacturing, and the ability to be reused or recycled once you’ve finished with them.

After all, what good is simply making things if we’re not trying to do better for the earth?

Better processes build a better industry.

We understand the value that comes from investing in our local community. So while we partner with overseas brands, the products that we make here are local through and through. They’re manufactured using materials sourced from local suppliers, utilising local knowledge and innovation to design unique spaces for local businesses.

It’s all about the value we deliver, and the values that drive us, and help us do what we can to support a better industry here in Australia.


We choose our partners carefully. We work with brands that think deeply, who innovate, who create, but do so with respect to the environment and the people that use their products.