Beatriz Sempere & Franco Poli

Beatrice was born in Spain in 1975 and graduated in Industrial designing at the Spanish “Institución Peris Torres” of Valencia. Since then, she has taken part in countless contests obtaining several awards and distinctions. She also studied shoe modelling at the Technological Educational Centre successively designing for major companies such as Bata, Melluso, Lumberjak, Zen, Astor Müller, Panama Jack and Freemood. However, she is truly passionate about housing and the study of its habitat as the essential quality. She, therefore, insists on uncovering ways to fulfil the architecture of interior designs. She then moves to Italy where she continues designing decor furniture accessories, combining a taste for a refined and harmonious design to her Spanish tradition, though linear and geometric. Her experience is thus enhanced through attendance at art galleries and companies harmonizing her artistic personality and rendering her more sensitive towards a romantic line and, at the same time, both modern and balanced. A choice of basic materials and the intuition of colours often used to revive vintage forms is fundamental.

Born in Padova (Italy) in 1950, Franco has graduated at the high school of arts, at I.V.A.V. and at International University of Arts. In 1974 he has started his professional activity as designer, between Florence, Venice and Verona. Characterized by a great curiosity he has brought his talented personality through three decades of Italian design. He has cooperated with several manufacturers (especially furniture manufacturers). He has used his restless personality to blend theory, attractiveness and technical details in order to create long lasting products, which have been characterized by an unmistakable Italian design. Since 1998 he lives and works in Verona.


  •  Guapa chair, table and accessory ranges