Frag Woodall

For many in the design community, the first time they had ever heard of Frag Woodall was when they saw him named as one of the finalists for the prestigious Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award (2006). He was also selected for the inaugural Bombay Sapphire Student Prize for innovative design. Then it became apparent that this interesting newcomer was still a student. Frag ended up winning the latter for his curvaceous Ilium chair.

Frag also came third in the Design Institute of Australia 2005 Australasian Student Design Competition and most recently won the 2005 Cormack Packaging competition with a clever redesign of the closure system for a sports water bottle. It is this last feat that has grabbed the attention of global giant Coca Cola.

His deft touch in design comes from working as a furniture craftsman for seven years with clients from around the world, hand-carving rare timbers into antique replicas, while gaining a valuable grip on the retail side of design.

‘An element of my design style is the notion of evoking people’s curiosity and causing them to take a second look. I like design to be playful, random or unexpected. To me it is very important in design that things are both witty and whimsical. To evoke fond memories, trigger thoughts, design is like a stepping stone to imagining.’