Our Sustainability Journey.

UCI’s commitment recognises that sustainability is more than a destination, it is a journey of continual improvement.

Care for the environment is one UCI’s corporate imperatives. We recognise the responsibility to respect and protect our environment, minimise waste and emissions. We use environmentally sustainable materials to create products that are not only ergonomically sound and easy to use, but kind to the environment as well. We have found that the quest for sustainability actually fuels sharper thinking and helps us design and source better products. UCI Manufacturing is a members of GBCA and GECA and have a growing range of GECA certified products, and strive to work only with companies who have an accredited Environmental Management System to ISO14001 standard.

Product Stewardship

UCI is committed to sustainability and reducing the environmental impacts of our commercial furniture operations. UCI’s commitment extends from contemporary work practices to include our society and environment. As part of this UCI has been providing Product Stewardship programs for over 30 years.

UCI will contract to take back, furniture and fittings UCI supplies and installs. UCI is open to having this process independently monitored and reported to the client. The flexibility and durability of UCI office systems and furniture are designed to provide ongoing functionality in the changing workplace environment for many years. However, if required by the client UCI will receive, at our Manufacturer in South Australia, UCI furniture and refurbish, recycle or dispose of them in an environmentally sensitive manner. The best end of life solution environmentally will be sought at the time of taking back. This allows for changes in technology in the future.

Within UCI’s life cycle thinking, a design of systems and material selection are being modified to assist in end of life solutions. Recyclable materials form the majority of components. Assembly methods and coatings are selected that do not impede recycling. Materials have been selected with a life cycle in mind so the majority of materials, like steel and aluminum, can be continually recycled. For materials recycling UCI uses its installation logistics, systems and teams to reverse the process. Materials are separated and sold in the commercial recycling market.

 Clarifications and Conditions of Product Stewardship take back procedure:

  • The Client / Purchaser is to provide the Supplier one (1) months notice in writing of their intention to proceed with the take back of Product.
  • The Client / Purchaser agrees to assign ownership of the Product to the Supplier on the date product take back occurs.
  • This Product Stewardship agreement remains in effect so long as the Product is owned and maintained by the original Client / Purchaser at the original Location of fit-out as specified in schedule A.
  • The Supplier reserves the right to cancel the Product Stewardship agreement if the Client / Purchaser neglects to carry out reasonable maintenance or if the Product has been used other than in accordance with written instructions and warnings.
  • The Client / Purchaser pay the Supplier the Cost as specified in Schedule A.
  • The Client / Purchaser is responsible for sending the products to our Manufacturer located 34 Starr Avenue North, Plumpton SA 5037.

UCI Manufacturing is committed to its impact on the environment. All workstation frames manufactured by UCI Manufacturing are designed for disassembly and are 95% recyclable. With the use of basic hand tools, UCI Manufacturing workstation frames and seatings can be broken down into raw material elements such as aluminum, steel, and plastic. Plastic components greater than 50gm in weight have recycling logo identification.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: Client specified materials are excluded from this statement.

Schedule A