Our Space

Our Space is UCI’s concept for a people and space centric design approach.
Improving how we work, occupy and exist in workplaces is UCI’s central design/innovation focus.

With Our Space, UCI starts with your ideas and aspirations, combining them with our design and manufacturing to create products for spaces that support:

– Purpose and meaning
– Collaboration and knowledge
– Individuals, teams and;
– Our psychological and physical requirements of space

Our Space is underpinned by UCI’s belief that we are all hardwired for a primal understanding of landscape and space.
Good interior design understands the sub-context of this and interfaces with societal evolution and unprecedented change to create great living and working spaces.
UCI supports this complex interplay through design that is both innovative and evolutionary, and is influenced by our research into sociology and social spaces.

This simultaneously creates opportunities and challenges as social changes are intimately coupled with technology and result in the ongoing evolution of the workspace and the occasional significant paradigm shifts.

UCI’s internal design team includes industrial designers, mechanical engineers and industry specialists and is complimented by our selected international designers.