Workplace Trends

Advances in technology, changes in socio-demographics, methods of communication, collaboration and attitude to work, social media, economic markets and sustainability are just a few of the factors impacting workplace design and operation.

UCI is constantly exploring workplace trends.
New directions, design and development are the cornerstone of our Research & Development team.  Equally important is the ongoing evolution of products.  This evolution mirrors much of how the workplace changes.

As the Australian representative of Allsteel Furniture, a leading Global company, we are proud to offer an extensive list of their workplace-related research documents to help you make the most of your space.

Balancing Efficiency with Effectiveness (143KB)

Planning for Effective Workplace Interaction and Collaboration (310KB)

The Transition from Closed Offices to Open Plan (152KB)

What Matters in Workplace Design (139KB)

Workplace Strategy Goal 1 – Alignment (160KB)

Workplace Strategy Goal 2 – Effectiveness (152KB)

Workplace Strategy Goal 3 – Efficiency (152KB)

Workplace Strategy Goal 4 – Agility (147KB)