There are moments in life when experience and passion force a person to do something that is tantalising, dangerous, unexpected. For Daniele Gollinucci, that moment came after he had spent a number of years as the head of REXSITT, a top-flight Italian designer and manufacturer of office chairs and seats since the 1970’s. That moment arrived because Daniele’s love of quality, passed down to him by his father, kept him from sitting on his laurels, obliged him to continue moving forward, experimenting, listening, mixing and matching experiences.

GOLLY is Daniele Gollinucci’s alter ego. GOLLY is a creative experience of colours and design. But don’t be content to simply hear us tell about GOLLY: you need to discover its exclusive collections, experience what it is like to live with GOLLY in your spaces. Make sure you always travel through life in first class, never failing to ask for window seat.

The world is yours to conquer.

Golly means quality, superb quality and attention to the environment in respect of natural resources. Each component is made with fabrics and materials of the latest generation that visually capture the essence of a culture based on sensitivity and sustainability.