Introducing Fitdesk Software

Guest Blog Post by Linak

As a nation we have been trained to sit.

It starts out as soon as we start school.  All writing / reading tasks are assigned the sitting position.  This sitting period is only extended as we get older, as the active tasks become less and sitting tasks more.  By the time we have completed our education we are fully trained sitters.  We then enter the office space where we use this highly perfected skill and continue to sit……

Recently workplaces have installed electric height adjustable desks to combat this sedentary behaviour, however, people don’t just start standing because their desk allows them to. They need to break the learned sitting cycle and they need to be reminded.

That’s why UCI and LINAK have released FitDesk software. It does just that. It reminds you to stand up!


Once installed on your computer, the user can set personal goals designed to suit their own individual needs (i.e. 10 minutes standing and 50 minutes sitting per hour or 30 minutes standing, 30 minutes sitting, etc.)

Other features of FitDesk include:

Tracking the total number of stands per day, week, month and year

  • Counting standing minutes
  • Counting calories burned
  • Prompting users to stand up and sit down again to achieve their set goals
  • Storing up to three pre-set heights for convenience
  • Driving the desk from the software interface
  • Displaying the current desk height at any one time

Standing up for just 2 hours every day will reduce obesity, increase weight loss and improve mental health. So take a stand with UCI and LINAK!

For more information and to see the software in action, watch our short FitDesk video here.

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