We’re committed to supporting Australian manufacturing, and building a better industry.

We’re investing in Australian communities.

Everything we do starts with people, from the goal of our designs to supporting the communities that surround us.

We’re proud to be a Triple A company: Australian Made, Australian-owned, using Australian materials— which means we keep all our manufacturing processes in-house, too. By doing so, this helps to support the communities that support us, with our key supply chain providing jobs for more than 12,000 Australians across every state.

Our continual improvement processes mean we’re always striving to be better.

We’re always looking at ways that we can do better, for our environment and our communities, and continually investigating and implementing new initiatives that minimise our impact.

And in being better, we’re helping to set the standard for the industry. While it may be commonplace today, we were one of the first workstation manufacturers to implement an environmental management system that’s certified to ISO 14001—and we’ve been pushing forward ever since.

Innovation and improvement aren’t just buzzwords. We’re making real, practical change in our manufacturing facilities.

Through collaboration with the EPA and Water SA, we’ve achieved an 80% reduction in our water use, and eliminated emissions vented outside of the factory. It’s a monumental achievement, and the only installation of its kind in Australia when installed.

Real action creates
real change.

Innovative design-led solutions, made for real Australian spaces and facilities.

Much like keeping our manufacturing in-house, we’re also one of few Australian workstation manufacturers that have their own design studio. Our design team includes industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and industry specialists, who know and appreciate the environments in which our products are being used.

This allows us to provide a complete solution from design through to manufacture.

Human-centred design guides everything we do.

We’re open to new ideas, new concepts, and new ways for people to interact with our products. So if you have individual project design and manufacturing requirements, we want to hear from you.

We provide custom, value-added solutions that integrate our design and manufacturing processes to create carefully-considered, innovative products. Products that focus on people and sustainability first, and help us on our journey towards refining our approach and improving our manufacturing processes.

Videos and Downloads

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Hear directly from our people about how we ensure environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain, from design, to materials, and end of life.

Proudly Australian made and owned.