Our main workstation manufacturing facility is based in Adelaide, South Australia, siting a 10,000 square meter property incorporating warehousing, machine shop, assembly and a state-of-the-art online powder coating plant. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by being a certified Australian Made company,  keeping all manufacturing processes in-house. In addition, we pride ourselves on the highest quality management for our products and are ISO 9001 certified ensuring continuous improvement in systems and processes.

In 2005 we became one of the first workstation manufacturers to implement an environmental management system which has been ISO 14001 certified. We strive to continually improve and develop our systems and processes to be more ethically and environmentally sustainable.

Our online powder-coating plant is quite unique as it was designed around ISO 14001 requirements. Working together with the EPA and Water SA in achieving ambitious targets including an 80% savings in water usage (through recycling its water) and no emissions vented to the outside atmosphere – the only installation of its kind in Australia.

With a focus on the environment and quality, our facilities and products are certified to the highest international standards, including: