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NeoCon 2016

By June 29, 2016News

By Mike Radda  (CEO – UCI Projects)

Neocon has become a key exhibition on the UCI calendar. The renewed design focus of the major American manufacturers is extending their reach from their historical focus on the US market. This makes Neocon the exhibition in the annual calendar and 2016 was one of the busiest shows in a long time with an estimated 50,000 plus visitors. On display were the latest and greatest workplace products and designs from over 500 exhibitors.

The UCI team at Neocon had three key impressions from Neocon 2016, they were Residential Workplaces, Wellness, and Privacy.
The furniture on display at NeoCon 2016 had a very residential feel. The residential approach creates a more comfortable workspace that particularly appeals to younger employees. With the change in technology, people are no longer tethered to a desk.   Mixing desks and couches make it easier to do different types of work, from collaborative brainstorming sessions to focused work. There was also shift in the use of meeting spaces with developments in moveable walls, making space more flexible and adaptable. What began with open offices allowing workers to move around is now expanding to offer more options for them to work.
The mix of furnishings and materials was in abundance. Marble, wood, textiles and metals were mixed and matched across all environments from offices and executive desks to conference room. The residential feel was also strongly expressed through wood use. Solid wood conference room tables and laminate workstation tops, wooden furniture legs, shelves, and panels. Wood was everywhere.
A focus on wellness is clearly a key workplace priority. The best visual representation of this was the Sit-Stand workstation solutions, which were everywhere. This year there was a new development less typical for the commercial furniture market and that was the use of Apps and IT to guide better usage.
The Agile office is now truly global. While not new the need to create private work areas was expressed in abundance. PODs were everywhere, in every possible configuration. The model that caught our eye most was Teknion’s Zones. These demonstrated the monumental shift occurring in the marketplace. No longer 100mm thick 2000mm high panels, the American style of Neocon 2016 is truly global.

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