The Macquarie University Arts Precinct Project (MUAPP)

The Macquarie University Arts Precinct Project (MUAPP) brought together ten departments into a precinct that showcases the individual attributes of each department.
The specific components of the project were the upgrade and expansion of existing buildings from approximately 11,000m2 to 12,300m2 to meet current requirements for workplace, research and teaching activities, as well as building in a level of flexibility and adaptability to allow for future change.
Provision of a new museum and office building of 4,800m2 (consisting 2,800m2 of office/showcase space expansion, highlighting the work, research and achievements of the Faculty and brings engagement with the wider community and 2000m2 of Museum space that consolidates the Ancient History Museum, numerous collections, Numismatics and the Australian History Museum


Ryde, NSW