Location: Australia
Author: UCI Australlia

UCI Australia joins the conversation about good design and inspiring creativity around the workplace at this year’s DENFAIR in Melbourne.

Coming back for its fifth year, DENFAIR is Australia’s leading destination for professional designers, architects and design enthusiasts alike. Putting hundreds of local and international brands on centre stage, DENFAIR is the creative platform for growth and networking within the design industry. A gateway to contemporary products and projects, DENFAIR connects the community through the discovery of design in an inspiring exhibition.

DENFAIR is home to the creative industry’s best innovators, artists and risk takers. With a philosophy to inspire greatness and improve people’s lives through good design, the team at DENFAIR believes in educating a broader audience about the value of thoughtful design. For the first time, DENFAIR will host a section dedicated to the workplace, where UCI Australia will exhibit for the first time. A pioneer in crafting superior quality products for more than 40 years, UCI brings forward an elevated sophistication of adaptability and multi-functional workplace furniture. UCI Australia will showcase its extensive collection from its latest range of products in the vibrant city of Melbourne.

Flourishing in its artistic and creative talents, Melbourne is the perfect community for the UCI brand at DENFAIR 2019. Inspired by passion and collaboration, UCI utilises DENFAIR as a platform to create long-lasting connections with the extended design family. “DENFAIR is an exciting opportunity for designers, creators and innovative thinkers to come together and connect. Whether you’re a designer or a design enthusiast, this event is a highlight on the calendar, and we’re extremely excited to show designers across Melbourne our brand and our products for the first time at DENFAIR,” says UCI’s Marketing Managing Director, David Sawicki.

Focused on improving the contemporary workplace experience, UCI Australia delivers with innovative and high quality manufactured furniture solutions. With a brand-wide ethos of providing clients with exceptional service and delivery, UCI is set to light up the stage at this year’s much-awaited DENFAIR event.