Location: Brisbane
Author: UCI Australlia
Tags: #ItalianDesign #Showroom #Relaunch #Design #Furniture

UCI Queensland held a soiree to end all soiree’s on the final evening of Spring.

A celebration of 10 years at our Primrose Street showroom, combined with the launch of UCI’s extensive range of stunning new Italian furniture saw a quality crowd of industry friends come by to celebrate with us.

Quintessentially Italian, we had the cream of the crop from Sitia, Midj, and Traba on display for our guests to feast their eyes on…and sit on of course.
Instant stars on the night were the elegant Chantal chair, the stylish Balu, and the light and fresh Guapa range. Momo and Laguna didn’t disappoint either, along with the many other designs.
Curvaceous formed walnut plywood anyone? Laser-cut rose chrome sexy steel legs perhaps? Our Italian partners did not disappoint on design extravagance with fabrics and finishes galore!

Drinks flowed, delicious Italian themed food aplenty (who knew smoked trout cannellini could be so good?!) and fantastic prizes were to be had…anyone for a weekend in a brand new Alfa Romeo staying at the QT hotel Surfer Paradise? Or why not a couple of CBS Ohlin state of the art monitor arms timber gift boxed with Verve Cliquot no less. Big thanks to Alfa Fiat Brisbane, and Colebrook Bosson Saunders.

So if you feel like you’ve missed out…you’d be right!
But never fear, the showroom has been pieced back together after the frivolity, and the belissima range still resides, a pride of place. So drop on by and get your little fix of Italiano style, bound to be a hit in your next project.