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Author: Bree Goltz
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UCI’s tips to staying motivated working from home

Designated breaks

It is incredibly important to set boundaries of when to start work and when to finish early on. This will ensure you are working in a consistent routine and not falling into the habit of working overtime. Studies have shown that working from home is more mentally draining, due to not being able to escape the work environment.

It is also important to step away from your computer during your lunch break to ensure you are resting your mind properly. Taking this designated break will increase productivity and efficiency throughout the day.

Maintain good posture by investing in an ergonomic task chair

Ensure you are not straining your body and causing pain with bad posture. We spend the most time at work, so having the correct ergonomic task chair and desk set-up is as important for your health as drinking water. UCI has a range of ergonomic task chairs, electric sit to stand workstations, lighting and accessories to ensure you have an ergonomic set up which is customised to suit your individual needs.

Finora Task chair by Okamura

How to select the perfect ergonomic chair

When looking for an ergonomic chair, start by analysing your body and its requirements. If you are quite tall, we would recommend looking at a chair with a higher back rest and potentially a headrest. UCI’s Sabrina, Finora and Baron are perfect examples of this. If you are shorter, a lower backrest would be a better option, for example the Sylphy, Verta and Portone models. UCI has a large range of ergonomic task chairs at different price points, offering features including adjustable Lumbar support, adjustable arms, seat slide, adjustable tensions control and tilt lock mechanism to ensure you’re angled at the right position.

Good lighting

Ensure you are not straining your eyes by making use of natural light where possible, or use a task light if your lighting is limited.

UCI’s Splitty Light by Koncept