Product Story

Okamura’s latest in booth solutions, Co-comori is a new form of confined space.


The name Co-comori is inspired from the Japanese verb ‘comoru’ whose translation means ‘staying in a (secure) space’.  ‘Co’ as a prefix refers to the furniture’s ‘co-working’ capability offering an adaptable design for both individual and paired working.


This free-standing work booth provides great stability. Co-comori’s lightweight construction means that it requires only two people to move it into the exact position desired by the individual user.


Co-comori is partially enclosed by panels made from recycled felt. This creates a semi-enclosed space that offers a quiet workspace and privacy without making the user feel trapped. The booth’s gently curved lines also give it a comfortable appearance, certain to stand out beautifully in your space, whilst disappearing into the quiet when it is time for productive work.


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