Product Story

In collaboration with HOK Product Design, Okamura have created the beautiful Traverse collection consists of two conference tables. Both the V and X conference tables have been meticulously reengineered from the unbelievably thin top to the graceful support structure, from the integration of technology to beautiful finishes. Minimal silhouette of X conference table is achieved through a simple, canted leg design mirrored on either side of the table.

Inspired by modern architecture and made possible by advances in structural engineering, the ultra-thin tabletop, which is less than one inch at its thickest point, can span up to 20 feet in length and tapers to a fine edge.

Traverse is also available with an oval shaped X Conference table.


Finishes & Options

  • Canted leg design mirrored on either side of the table.
  • Rectangle or boat shape
  • Wood veneer finishes
  • Option of Power and data discreetly tucked under the tabletop
  • Cables are hidden inside the legs, ensuring a polished look and more usable space.



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