Product Story

Specially made for file organization and space efficiency, Cosmos Slide maximizes the storage capacity of your current space, creates more “people” space, and helps you focus on your important tasks.

Cosmos Slide increases storage capacity up to 228% with optimal surface-use, making it faster and easier access to archive material.

Cosmos Slide is easily operated with all movable versions:

  • Manual, with sliding shelf handle
  • Mechanical, with handwheel or automatic rotary reel

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Finishes & Options

  • Mechanical and manual options available
  • Wide range of powdercoat colours
  • Platform with adjustable foot cap
  • Adjustable Side
  • Pre-treatment process which includes deionized water rinse, followed by electrostatic polyester-epoxy powder coating as standard finish
  • Industrial wheels – quiet & strong
  • Standard in track anti-tilt mechanism