Product Story

Cruise, by Okamura in Japan, is a personal workstation designed and developed using advanced industrial and academic research findings.

Tests have shown that the lower, reclining seating posture is ideal for working with VDUs. This combination of a highly ergonomic desk and chair optimizes the conditions for intellectual and creative work requiring both mental concentration and physical relaxation.

Finishes & Options

  • Base unit (Foot Print 1100 x 1060)
  • Screen set
  • Kidney side table with castors
  • Oval side table with castors
  • Side table, adjustable glides
  • Wagon (open)
  • Wagon (closed)
  • Screen arm
  • Footrest
  • Cable guard

Certification & Warranty


Okamura’s vision for the offices of the future is of spaces which consistently promote a high level of creativity and intellectual involvement. Read more


Red Dot 2006