Product Story

Weightless beauty. Effortless support.

Experience the impossible lightness and effortless support of Cynara, a task chair that integrates intuitive, responsive functionality with a clean-cut, refined aesthetic to complete any work setting.

Cynara’s understated elegance will blend harmoniously into all the places people work, breathing quiet sophistication and calm productivity into any environment.

By paring back to its essential form and function, Cynara achieves impossible lightness. The frame flexes to provide responsive ergonomic support, eliminating the need for a complex mechanism. The result is simple, functional, light-scale beauty.

Cynara’s lighter weight contributes to lower CO2 emissions through production and logistics, offering a more responsible choice for the planet.

Finishes & Options

  • Smart ankle tilt reclining
  • Height adjustment
  • Free recline or upright lock
  • 7 body and base colours to choose from
  • 6 mesh colours to choose from
  • Normal or hollow castors
  • With or without arms

Certifications & Warranties

  • Indoor Advantage Certificate
  • Warranty
    • Ten (10) years: Structural components, including frames, shells, bases, operating mechanisms and armrests.
    • Five (5) years: Moving parts, including gas lift, casters, adjusters.
    • Two (2) years: Coating finish, mesh fabric & cloth, cushions and arm-pads.


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Meet the design team

Cynara is the result of a three-year partnership, between the Okamura team, Andreas Krob of Swiss design agency b4K and Joachim Brüske. A product and industrial designer, Krob is renowned for attention to detail, workmanship and a holistic approach to design. Brüske’s meticulous engineering has ensured that the functionality of Cynara is simpler and more effective than ever. With their combined seating expertise, the pair have created a chair that offers superior lightness.


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