Product Story

Drape is a minimal-sized pod with sound-absorbing capability.

It takes up as little as four carpets worth of tiles space to build and transform an open office area into a hub of concentration.

The outer side of the two-toned panels are coloured with brighter hues to uplift the office, whilst the inside panels are covered with a calming tone.

Finishes & Options

  • Glass wool insulation for excellent sound absorption
  •  Tri (three panels), Tetra (U-shape) and Penta (an additional short panel that sits at a 120 degree angle at the entrance) shape options
  • 1 3/16” panel thickness
  • Tri requires less than 40”×40” of floor space
  • Tabletop Height: 28 3/8” or 39 3/8”
  • Panel Height: 59 13/16″ or 75 9/16″
  • Right or left tabletop orientation
  • Accessories: Power outlet, Wall light, Vertical wiring duct

Certifications & Warranties


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