By Colebrook Bosson Sanders
As the market leader in its class, the Flo monitor arm is more environmentally friendly, better looking, and a better performing product than any of its competitors. With great design and great performance, Flo offers a range and ease of movement that sets it apart from all other monitor supports.
Smooth, dynamic movement achieved by the use of geometric Flo Spring Technology, Flo’s unique design is protected by four international patents. Flo offers smooth fingertip adjustability ensuring minimum effort is required by the user to position the screen. The D-Ring head provides outstanding flexibility with a 40° tilt both upwards and downwards, it is ideally suited to touch
screens and for reducing unwanted office ‘glare’. The 90° left and right rotation enables the user to share the information on screen with colleagues, a great tool when working together on projects/tasks. Flo also features fingertip portrait to landscape screen rotation.
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Brand - Colebrook Bosson Sanders

We believe healthy ergonomics encourages movement through the correct balance between the person, their technology and the working environment; enhancing wellness and productivity. At CBS we continually design market firsts that help drive human performance and improve user well-being. The core of our design approach is to understand how the person interacts with their technology so our products can create harmony and balance between the two.

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