Product Story

With research suggesting that sitting for long periods of time may be harmful to employee health, height-adjustable tables such as Liftio are more essential to workspaces than ever.

Liftio’s tabletop can be raised or lowered to be between 700mm and 1000mm from the floor. Its user-friendly operating lever provides an excellent level of adjustability, enabling users to alter their work style from sitting to standing at one touch.

Available with a rectangular or oval tabletop in a variety of sizes and finishes, Liftio is a fantastic option for any workspace.

Optional Cable Box

50% recycled materials
44% recyclability

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Finishes & Options

  • Rectangle or oval tabletop
  • Fixed height or height adjustable
  • Variety of tabletop colours
  • Optional cable box

Certifications & Warranties

  • Warranty: 5 years


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