By Colebrook Bosson Sanders
Lima comprises a clamp, post and arm that arrive in one box, and require minimal tools to install. As your workplace needs grow, Lima can too. Adding another monitor is quick and easy to do. Just order another extension arm, and then you can slide it directly on to the post. No tools, and no need to remove the existing arm, screen, and cables. And that means no hassle for you.
With the press of a button, Lima allows you to move a screen up or down to the ideal height. And if you’re working with dual screens, you can move each one independently. Being able to tailor each screen height and distance to your unique needs helps you adopt a good posture and allows for healthy interaction between you and your technology. Lima’s head offers the ability to tilt the screen up to 80∞ back or 10∞ forward. This helps you set the screen to your unique specifications, taking into consideration lighting in your workspace and the increased use of touchscreen devices in the modern workspace.
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Brand - Colebrook Bosson Sanders

We believe healthy ergonomics encourages movement through the correct balance between the person, their technology and the working environment; enhancing wellness and productivity. At CBS we continually design market firsts that help drive human performance and improve user well-being. The core of our design approach is to understand how the person interacts with their technology so our products can create harmony and balance between the two.

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