Product Story

Muffle creates the right balance between concentration and collaboration.

When workers’ personalities and work style preferences are so diverse, why can’t their environments be? Muffle creates concentration-promoting spaces that go together in current open layouts.

Development of technology equals that of office furniture. Now that we have less and less boundaries of when and where to work, more and more workers require a workspace where they can fully concentrate without being interrupted by all these developed conveniences, and it is muffle that meets that very need. With its streamlined contour that gently surrounds workers, R-shape that provides a relaxed feel and its fabric surface, which offers a sense of security and warmth, Muffle moderately shuts down the outer noise and distractions.
Colour and layout variations are so diverse that it naturally responds perfectly to equally diverse workers. Workers can choose when and where to concentrate, still being included by the entirety.

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Finishes & Options

  • Many configurations available
  • Various fabric colours
  • Optional cushions
  • 2 screen heights available
  • Add-on accessories, including castors

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Okamura’s vision for the offices of the future is of spaces which consistently promote a high level of creativity and intellectual involvement. Read more