Product Story

There is no single work style today. Workspaces reflect new attitudes, and office furniture should too.

Plimode is a task chair that was created in a style for today and tomorrow.  Its light, streamlined design was inspired by the air. From the top of the backrest to the bottom of the seat, the line flows uninterrupted in a single sweeping silhouette.  Armrests form a supple, flowing curve. The reclining mechanism has been simplified into a clean, modern, minimalist package. It’s a design of pure beauty that’s as pleasing visually as it is physically.

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Finishes & Options

  • Black or white frame
  • Large selection of fabrics and colours available
  • With or without armrests
  • Aluminium or plastic armrests
  • Available in drafting stool height

Certifications & Warranties

  • Warranty: 5 years


Okamura’s vision for the offices of the future is of spaces which consistently promote a high level of creativity and intellectual involvement. Read more