By Okamura

There is no single work style today. Workspaces reflect new attitudes, and office furniture should too.
Plimode is a task chair that was created in a style for today and tomorrow. Its light, streamlined design was inspired by the air. From the top of the backrest to the bottom of the seat, the line flows uninterrupted in a single sweeping silhouette. Armrests form a supple, flowing curve. The reclining mechanism has been simplified into a clean, modern, minimalist package. It’s a design of pure beauty that’s as pleasing visually as it is physically.

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    Brand - Okamura

    Founded in 1945, Okamura employees over 3,000 staff globally and is passionate about producing quality products that are the pride of Japan, both now and in the future. Okamura has continued to develop along with the Japanese business scene. Always taking into consideration social trends, our goal has been the creation of discretionary-use products adapted to the era and its work styles. As a company in the position of supporting the Japanese business world, Okamura’s pursuit of that goal will not change. Okamura is committed to creating the society of tomorrow by further polishing their world-class made-in-Japan quality.

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