By Okamura

The sphere office chair has been designed to be a perfect fit for all physiques, providing a responsive fit, unique to each body. As each individual takes a seat, sphere responds with natural, personalised support. No complicated adjustments are needed for fatigue free comfort, even during lengthy work sessions.

The chair features smooth fitting arms angled inward designed to adjust to the modern work force and its use of tablets and smart phones.

Okamura is dedicated to a sustainable future, aiming to reduce their environmental impact by creating products that can be used for years to come.

Lead time
12 - 14 weeks
Stocked models and finishes may vary, please contact us to confirm availability

Brand - Okamura

Founded in 1945, Okamura employees over 3,000 staff globally and is passionate about producing quality products that are the pride of Japan, both now and in the future. Okamura has continued to develop along with the Japanese business scene. Always taking into consideration social trends, our goal has been the creation of discretionary-use products adapted to the era and its work styles. As a company in the position of supporting the Japanese business world, Okamura’s pursuit of that goal will not change. Okamura is committed to creating the society of tomorrow by further polishing their world-class made-in-Japan quality.

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