Product Story

Just a small change to the back makes all the difference.

Okamura understands that people are shaped differently. This has led to the development of a unique and easily adjustable seat curve to support the back, making chairs with this feature suitable for any back size. Sylphy achieves personalised seating comfort. Sylphy also includes seat slide for adjusting the seat depth.

The key to comfort is how the curve of the seat back fits. Sylphy can be adjusted to suit any body type. The goal in developing this back curve adjustment was to enhance the feeling of a perfect fit between the back and the back support.

By pulling down the levers on both sides of the seat back, the curve becomes gentler to fit those with a large build. Pulling the levers up creates a narrow curve to fit those of smaller stature.

With this adjustment feature, and its variety of frame, mesh and upholstery colour options, you can really make Sylphy your own.

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Finishes & Options

  • Mesh or fabric back
  • Various mesh and fabric colours available
  • Black or white frame
  • Medium back, high back or extra high back
  • Coat-hanger option
  • Lumbar support option
  • Available in task chair

Certifications & Warranties

  • Warranty: 10 years



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