Product Story

Transform X combines cast polished aluminium legs with a laminate top to create a beautiful looking and easily configured executive desk or meeting table.
Transform X is both elegant and functional, and adaptable to changing needs.

Transform X is part of the Transform workstation series, a simple and efficient workstation and desking range, offering solutions for all requirements from single desks and multiple bench clusters.

Product Lifecycle

UCI Manufacturing is committed to its impact on the environment. All workstation frames manufactured by UCI Manufacturing are designed for disassembly and are 95% recyclable. With the use of basic hand tools, UCI Manufacturing workstation frames can be broken down into raw material elements such as aluminum, steel, and plastic. Plastic components greater than 50gm in weight have recycling logo identification.

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Finishes & Options

  • Variety of sizes and configurations
  • Wide range of worktop options


Certifications & Warranty

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