Vivo is perfect for visitor seating, reception areas, breakout areas and casual meeting areas.
It comes with a stacking chrome or powder coated sled base. It is available upholstered or in laminated plywood in standard colors and has a chair or lounge seat option.

Lead time
4 - 6 weeks
Stocked models and finishes may vary, please contact us to confirm availability
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    5 years
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    Brand - UCI

    UCI branded products are designed and manufactured at our main facility in Adelaide, South Australia. Occupying 10,000 square metres, the site incorporates leading global technology and processing. UCI’s in-house Design Studio employs industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and industry specialists, who work together to develop new and intelligent products, focusing on ongoing product refinement. We’re one of the few Australian workstation manufacturers that can design from concept to finished product, utilising the latest in design technologies.

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