Kinetik is an accessory and privacy screen mounting solution that is designed to integrate into any existing UCI desk based workstation system. It provides solutions for cable access and management. The primary elements of Kinetik are the two rails types, the single rail is specific to individual desk types particularly Sit / Stand and the double rail is suited to fixed height back to back type workstations. Kinetik is a constant evolution as the way you work changes the types of storage solutions can be changed to match.

Kinetik Features

  • Metal Rail System & Easily Repositional Active Working tools (accessories)
  • Interchangeable Kinetik Screens Options
  • 100% recyclable material (kinetik)
  • Adaptable to any UCI workstation
  • Creates solutions for cable access and management
  • Single rail for individual and Sit-Stand workstations
  • Double rail suitable for back to back fixed height and sit to stand workstations
  • Flexible active working tools
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